Replica Otaku Coin

R09135 Limited Edition Replica Otaku Coin

Spread Awareness of your Favorite Anime Around the World! We believe that enthusiastic anime fans around the world are as big of a supporter of anime culture as we are. Therefore, the Otaku Coin Association has turned our logo © into NFT and created 10000 different color versions for anime fans to be used as a symbol of how we want to support the anime industry and community and our mission of spreading the love of anime globally together. Only 10000 will be created, therefore, each unique colored coin is a limited edition ‘one-and-only’ item. We hope that the ownership and trading of these 10000 Limited Edition Otaku Coin (Replica) will be a symbol of our efforts to spread our enthusiasm for Japanese anime culture all around the world. * The copyright and trademark belong to the Otaku Coin Association. * NFT owners have digital ownership and rights to post the artwork on social media. (Within the limits of the general principles of public order and morality). About Otaku Coin Otaku Coin is a community currency that unites people who love Japanese culture such as anime, manga, and games. Through this community currency, the Otaku Coin Association aims to help fans around the world to be able to contribute and support the growth of their favorite anime, manga, and game industry.
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