The Flower of Romance

10% of sales will go to creator as royalties
The world appears to glitch. ■1. No transfer of copyrights While the purchaser will acquire ownership of the NFT, copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights will not be transferred to the purchaser, and will continue to be owned by the issuer (legitimate right holder who created the work). (Transfer of copyrights is described in the metadata of the NFT.) ■2. Commercial use (No commercial use) The use or provision of a part or all of the images, videos, music, etc. of the NFT for the following purposes will constitute an infringement of intellectual property rights, and is prohibited: 1.provision to others beyond the scope of domestic use; 2.commercial use (including use in goods, etc.); and 3.use of images, videos, music, etc. included in the NFT upon modifying or processing such images, videos, music, etc. The NFT may be used in the contents (games and metaverses) provided by a business operator affiliated with nanakusa. If the purchaser or a subsequent purchaser or any other third party suffers any damage in relation to the purchase or trading of the NFT, irrespective of the cause of such damage, the issuer will not bear any kind of legal responsibility. ■3. Downloading of NFT File (Downloadable) The File of the NFT may be downloaded and stored by the purchaser only in his/her local PC or other storage device, etc. ■4. License for creator to use NFT in introducing one’s own work While the purchaser will acquire ownership of the NFT, the purchaser shall grant a license to the creator holding copyrights in the NFT so that such creator can introduce one’s work in his/her creative activities and in the exhibition and portfolio of one’s work. ■5. Ownership of actual creative product While the purchaser will acquire ownership of the NFT, when there is an actual creative product, the purchaser shall not have ownership of such actual creative product.
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