Trippy Kaleidoscope

10% of sales will go to creator as royalties
■1.No transfer of copyrights The purchaser acquires ownership of the NFT, but copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights are not transferred, and will remain with the publisher (the rightful owner of the work). (Copyright transfer is described in the NFT metadata. ■2.Commercial Use (Commercial use prohibited) The use or provision of some or all of the images, videos, music, etc. in the NFT for the following purposes constitutes infringement of intellectual property rights and is prohibited.   1. Providing to others beyond the scope of home use   2. Use for commercial purposes (including use for goods, etc.)   3. Modifying or processing the images, videos, music, etc. contained in this NFT for use. You may use the NFTs in the contents (games and metaverse) provided by nanakusa's partner companies. In the event that the purchaser, transferee, or any other third party suffers damages in connection with the purchase or sale of this NFT, the Publisher shall not be held legally responsible for any damages, no matter what the cause of such damages may be. ■3.Downloading of NFT Files (Download permission) Only the purchaser may download and save this NFT file to his/her own local computer or other storage device. ■4.Permission to introduce the creator's work, etc. The purchaser acquires the ownership of the NFTs, but the creator of the NFTs who retains the copyright shall be permitted to exhibit the NFTs and introduce the NFTs in his/her portfolio.
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