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20% of sales will go to creator as royalties
nanakusaミームアートコンテスト #神ハロ に参加した時の絵です。 神様は・・・美人だと思っています。笑 ■ 1. Do not transfer copyright -The purchaser will acquire the ownership of this NFT, but the copyright, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights will not be transferred, and the publisher (the legitimate right holder who created the work) will continue to hold it. (The transfer of copyright is described in the NFT metadata.) ■ 2. Commercial use (Commercial use prohibited) ・ The use or provision of some or all of the images, videos, music, etc. of this NFT for the following purposes is prohibited as an infringement of intellectual property rights. 1. To provide to others beyond the scope of home use 2. Use for commercial purposes (including use for goods, etc.) 3. Modify or process the images, videos, music, etc. included in this NFT for use. ・ You can use this NFT for content (games and metaverses) provided by businesses affiliated with nanakusa. ・ If the purchaser, transferee, or other third party suffers damage in connection with the purchase or sale of this NFT, the issuer shall be liable for any damages regardless of the cause of the damage. I shall not be liable for it. ■ 3. Downloading this NFT file (Download prohibited) -It is prohibited to download and save this NFT file to a local computer or other storage device. ■ 4. Permission to introduce the creator's work -The purchaser acquires the ownership of this NFT, but the creator who holds the copyright permits the introduction of the work in the exhibition or portfolio of the work in the production activity. ■ 5. Ownership of the actual product -The purchaser acquires the ownership of this NFT, but if there is an actual product, the purchaser shall not have the ownership of the actual product.
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